Sustainability Policy

K11 reveals the interactive cycle of – Art · People · Nature,
as we believe this is the door to a way of living that future generations can enjoy as much quality of life as we do today.
We are more than just a company, but also a group of people working together for a better tomorrow.

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Eco Home

A green perspective

K11 Eco Home is an advanced Eco-friendly pavilion promoting an eco-centric architectural design philosophy.
The pavilion features three exhibition areas and two habitat experience spaces filled with interactive multimedia devices,
commissioned art pieces, miniature landscapes and models.


Spice Up!

As the world’s first art mall to pioneer the blend of three essential elements of Art · People · Nature,
not only does K11 offer an eclectic year-round art and culture programme to groom the public’s interest in contemporary art and design,
but also a keen advocate of the conservation of nature and wildlife.
K11 joins forces with the University of Hong Kong, the fourth year in a row,
to host a series of events under the theme “Spice Up…” to encourage
and help these students to widen their horizon so as to enable them to raise public awareness on the natural environment.