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Hong Kong

Art HK 2012 – Sticky Monster Lab

MAY 2012
B2/F, B207
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Sticky Monster Lab (SML) is a creative studio based in Korea founded in 2007 by a motion graphic artist, an illustrator, a 3D figure artist and an events management specialist. SML’s work includes graphic design, prints and 3D figures and has recently released a new animation “The Loner” in November 2011.

“The Loner” is a popular animation created by Sticky Monster Lab, which has been favoured by a huge group of followers. Living by the daily life of the young generation, the main character in this animation is addicted to a world of cyber-life. Without the skill of communication and interaction, could the Loner make friends with others? In Public Fair No.1, Sticky Monster Lab brings “The Loner” to Hong Kong – the installation consists of a diorama of the house of the Loner’s and a diorama in the street of the Loner’s world.