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Future: 2065 by Lawrence Lek

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In the year 2065, humanity learns to harness the power of artificial intelligence. eSports is the world’s fastest-growing industry. With all work taken care of by algorithms, people spend all day playing video games against AIs. Inside the game, can anybody tell the difference between art and the world? Some people can sense it immediately, but others find that it takes them much longer. It’s not really clear, because nobody’s ever stopped playing.

Date : 21 March – 20 May 2018
Time: 12:00nn – 10:00pm
Gaming Journey
2065 is an open-world video game set on a virtual island with elements of Singapore and Hong Kong. Players can teleport between five different zones:
A. chi K11 art space Hong Kong
B. Geomancer’s Casino, Marina Bay
C. Geomancer’s Museum, Marina Bay
D. Farsight’s Club
E. Play Station