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Hong Kong

SPICE UP, Galapagos!

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“SPICE UP” series
K11 joins force with the University of Hong Kong, to organize “SPICE UP” series for seven consecutive years, K11 wishes to bring to the public a brand new experience of the integration of Art‧People‧Nature through the SPICE UP series. It aims to:
• Enhance public awareness in the conservation of biodiversity, raising our concern on sustainable development;
• Enable city dwellers to realise the greatness of the world, to feel the wonder of nature in a strange environment, and to get in touch with different cultures so as to widen our horizon and build up a new world vision;
• Allow the public to search for our only values in a pure environment that is far away from materials to reestablish the various relationships between human and nature. This should allow us to have a deeper understand and inspiration of our existence value.