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2019 In Full Boom

K11 Limited Edition Packet Set in Full Blossom
‘GLASSBLOOM’ Exhibition with 10 Photo Spots
Gen Z Creativity Teases Senses with
Interactive Glass Installations


Each symbolising a virtuous attribute, the four plants of cherry blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum,
ring in another year of growth, prosperity, confidence and vibrancy.


New, Artistic Take on Red Packet with 4 Chinese New Year Blooms
In its latest collaboration with local artist, K11 ushers in a colourful year by blending modern minimalism with technicolour to reimagine the cherry blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum for traditional Chinese New Year celebration. Informed by his expertise in both digital and traditional illustration, Shun-hong Chan presents the four Chinese New Year blooms in watercolour and clean lines against the awe-inspiring backdrop of acid colours with gold-stamped details. The coalescence of traditional and novel elements fills the New Year with an innovative and artistic vibe.

KLUB 11 Black Card, Gold Card and Pre-members can each redeem a complimentary set of K11 red packets (10 pieces in total) with a same-day electronic spending of HKD1,388 during promotion period. For details, please refer to in-store promotion materials.

‘GLASSBLOOM’ Interactive Art Exhibition Dazzles with 10 Photo Spots
Glass is said to have been invented as early as 2,000 BC in ancient Egypt. The molten sand is vitrified under different fusion temperature to refract multi-chromatic light on its surface at different angles with different finishes. K11 concludes this year with an exhibition that brings together generation Z students from the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Education University of Hong Kong to rethink the different attributes of GLASS --- Gravity, Life, Art, Sound and Story, underscore the power of traditional iconography, embody art education, and reflect the beauty, vulnerability, and transformative power of glass. The reflection properties of different vitric materials are stretched to the limit to create a psychedelic wonderland of colours and light in a magical setting!

‘GLASSBLOOM’ Interactive Art Exhibition
Date: 24 January – 10 February 2019
Time: 12:00nn – 10:00pm
Venue: chi K11 art space (B2/F, K11 Art Mall)


1. No.1 Selfie Spot for the Romantics — 10m-long Fanciful Canopy

The marvellous world of glass is connected to the outside world by this 10m-long iridescent tunnel. The light-reflecting cellophane surface in a dazzling palette of colours runs along the lustrous 10m-long rainbow-like tunnel decked out in chromatic hues that blurs the lines between dream and reality and leads you on a journey of wonders.
2. No.1 Selfie Spot for Locals —
A Glitzy Ode to Diligent Hongkongers

Title: Skyscraper
Drawing inspiration from high rise window cleaners, this 6m-long artwork pays tribute to them for their behind-the-scene work, as well as all those who contribute their efforts behind the windows of the skyscrapers that define the glamourous skyline of Hong Kong on both sides of the Victoria Harbour.


3. No.1 Selfie Spot for Kidults —
9m-long Magical Spinning Wheel

Title: Life Wheel
Discarded bicycle wheels and glass materials are upcycled to form a 9m-long wall on which kaleidoscopic patterns are projected. The installation engages kids in a green lesson as they turn the multi-coloured life wheels to orchestrate light reflection and glass shards to create a shimmering feast for the eyes.


4. No. 1 Selfie Spot for Hipsters —
Enigmatic 3D Glass Refraction

Title: Kaleidoscope World
Mirrors of various colours, shapes and states reflect rays of different shades at different angles, forming an immersive scenery of 3D kaleidoscopic patchwork ready to go viral on social media!


5. Challenge your sense of space —
3D Glass Tetris
Here is where cellophane turn into luminous cubic puzzles. Feel free to move it and fill the space with rainbow hues. Don’t forget to compete with your friends for the champion title!


6. Our Collective Memory —
“Glasses of Water”
A giant pinball machine occupies a place in everyone’s childhood memory. While enjoying the game with your friends, the glass pinballs also fall into glass bottles of different heights to create sounds of different pitches that form a unique piece of music.


7. A Symphony of Glasses —
a Percussion Concert
This art installation formed by glass bottles is as much an eye candy as a musical instrument for song composition.


8. Out of the Ordinary — Optical Illusion
The reflecting and magnifying properties of glass can create extraordinary images out of ordinary objects. Be prepared to have your established perception challenged.


9. A Marriage of Glass and the Nature — Cotton Rope Glass Balls
Cotton rope, glass materials and sophisticated craftsmanship converge to create a pendant lamp that adds a refreshing touch to the space.


10. Collective Production — Glass Room
Using wine bottles of different sizes to assemble a huge one. The fact that tiny elements becoming a strong bond after the assembly reflects the property of glass. Does this artwork give you a brand-new experience?



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