In art we live.

K11 is an Art Playground - where culture, entertainment, shopping and living revolve around art. It is where ideas, trends and lifestyles collide to form new ideas and new inspirations.
Moreover, it is also a place to have fun, where people can enjoy art with a warm heart and a smile on their face.

At K11 we believe in Art, and we believe in the forces that bring it to life. In addition to our permanent collection of local and international artists’ work,
we also allow the public to appreciate art during their shopping and leisure time by providing various multi-dimensional spaces.

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K11 Art Vision

The name of K11 stems from the Eastern philosophy of “the co-existence of nothingness and substance” and is intrinsically neutral. It is rich in meaning and stimulates boundless interpretations.
The unique and neutral meaning of K11 will be varied according to each person’s perceptibility and sensitivity, with which all K11 projects will bring to their visitors a sensory experience.




K11 will strive to bring art back into everyday living by getting artwork and art activity into the community and within the daily reach of ordinary people. Recognizing the local voice in reflecting the true concern and culture of contemporary urban existence, K11 will bring together local young artists through various exchanges, exhibitions and residence programmes and create opportunities to share their works among the public. K11 believes through its committed effort and long term planning, art appreciation and general aesthetic learning can be accessible to more people. K11 will always set its eyes on urban cultural revitalization and the support of urban art and cultural development, and contribute to the cross cultural exchange among many fast growing cities of China and the rest of the world.


K11 emphasizes the gradual process of revitalize, retransform and recreate. Human endeavours are shaped by and root in the rich local culture, philosophy and the way of life of ordinary people. K11 believes the advancement of quality of life can be better achieved through relentless exploration and revitalization of local culture. It will bring true creativity through the transformation of old community and its traditions, and create a new neighbourhood where people can actively participate in and be proud of.


K11 awakens everyone to bear their thoughts on nature and be part of nature at the same time. K11 will create space for urban living and activity which stay closely in tune with and preserve the natural environment. K11 believes rational green design and planning can go a long way in achieving resources and energy conservation and emission reduction. People will be more willing to work, live and engage in leisure activities in places incorporating and resembling the natural environment. K11 will bring all kinds of avant-garde green design, sustainable thinking, programmes and way of life to the communities and encourage people to have more frequent and closer dialogue with nature.