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Wuhan K11 Art Village

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Wuhan K11 Art Village

K11 is committed to promoting the development of contemporary art and the communication between young artists in the fields of visual arts, design, multimedia, music and other creative genres. K11 art village hopes that through art exhibitions and exchange activities in our art spaces, the habitats of the community can become the basis of an artistic life. Art events are organized for the whole community to participate, there by strengthening the linkage of art, people, nature.

K11 art village provides a platform for young artists dedicated to their art and yet do not have the financial means to support themselves. We are constantly in search of young artists who are full of talent, passion and unique ideas and invite them to join our artist-in-residence programe to use our artist studios for creation. Moreover, they can gain access to a wide range of nationwide and overseas creative resources, exhibition opportunities, media exposure, academic exchange, as well as public awareness.

For the local community, art exhibitions events taking place in K11 art village can enrich their daily lives and bring a closer connection between art and life. This intimate experience of art can influence and cultivate a penchant for art among the younger generation.

Local Artist in Residence Programme

K11 will invite young artists with good potential from Hubei to live and work in the artist studio and exhibition space for one year, during which K11 will support them in terms of opportunities in organizing art events and exhibition to promote the development of the local art scene.

Artist Exchange Programme

In addition to supporting local artists, K11 will also offer two outstanding young artists in different regions for short-term use of the artist studios for artistic creation and exchange. At the same time, K11 will also establish an artist exchange programme which provides young artists in Hong Kong, Wuhan, Shanghai and other K11 art space locations the chance of creating art work and hosting solo exhibitions.