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Artist Talk: Art & Design: Cross-disciplinary discussion in Asia

13 APR 2014
3pm - 5pm
C1 Gallery, Redtory, Guangzhou
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Apart from the exhibition, an artist talk will be held alongside the opening on 13 April 2014, from 3pm to 5pm. K11 Art Foundation (KAF), the exhibition partner, offers innovative educational programmes about art, design and creativity to the masses. KAF has invited the masterminds Zhong Zhi Chao (Design Director, Redtory), Liu Qing Yuan (Associate Professor, Department of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) and Yang Yi Fei (Lecturer, Department of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) behind the creative scene in Guangzhou to discuss on art and cultural issues. Nowadays, art and design are becoming more inseparable with our daily lives. They have more and more collaboration opportunities and influence each other on the perspectives on art, and hence creating a new genre of art. The masters will share their ideas on the similarity and difference of art and design, their roles in our society and their future development.

About APPortfolio

Established in Hong Kong, APPortfolio promotes young Asian creative talents under 35 years old through collaborative publications, showcasing works of artists and designers from 8 major categories including product design, illustration and photography. The project aims to bridge the gap between the artists and the mass market, allowing new creative talents to reach out to Asian market through this platform. APPortfolio initiates cross-disciplinary collaborations with the media, corporate and charity groups, as well as call for AAM (APPortfolio Asia Member) proposals to facilitate cross-regional thematic events.