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28 JUN 2013
K11 Shanghai
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The Shanghai K11 Art Mall is officially opened to the public after a grand and innovative inauguration at its location on Middle Huaihai Road in Shanghai on June 28.

The opening event was a glittering affair, distinguished by the presence of an utterly unique outdoor double-decker merry-go-round stage. The stage formed a stunning centerpiece to the non-stop 11-hour opening celebration, which drew an audience of over 10,000 guests. Fascinating art performances and programs incorporating interactive elements to explore the three core elements of the Shanghai K11 culture: Art, People and Nature, were held. Specially commissioned for the opening ceremony, 11 exquisitely designed and decorated art horses from designers of top international brands, renowned artists and the K11 art team were displayed around the art mall. As the giant music box – another unique installation at Shanghai K11 – started to unwind, the distinguished environs of Huaihai Road were illuminated by the opening of this innovative art playground. Towards the end of the opening ceremony, thousands of balloons were released by participating guests, to reciprocate the pursuit of the origin of art, and to unleash the imagination and aspiration of everyone, like a constellation where different orders co-exist and evolutions continue forever. As Mainland China’s first art mall, Shanghai K11 will serve as a place where innovation, fashion and culture coexist, and become a new fashion landmark and an art playground for Shanghai as an unprecedented art and shopping destination.