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OCT 2013
chi K11 art space
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gives a clue as the “future depends on the past only through the present”, and illustrates industrial designer’s Jamy Yang Mingjie’s design philosophy and logical aesthetic thinking. It goes through factors of history, human culture, society and life to tell interesting stories related to design.

Based on time segments and comparative study on his abundant collections like an old-fashioned fan from the beginning of industrial revolution, a lock from QING Dynasty, a radio from 1960s… Jamy tells a truth of one-hundred-year disappearing industrial design history in China and raise a couple of questions – what contemporary Chinese design should emphasize? Chinese design should just exactly shows national inferiority complex or national pride? Jamy will present part of award-winning projects including Red Dot, iF, G-Mark, IDEA, to illustrate standards for good design.

Design is not a boring way of expressing designer self but to make sure creating perfect user experiences. Jamy’s particular findings like four binding methods of staple and fly-design in washing room… are good for discussion on user experience study and service design.
Further focusing on vision of design, Jamy leverages diversified elements to inspire public and think about design trend and industry future by CMF innovation lab demonstration, sub-culture lifestyle workshop and 2015~2016 design trend presentation.

Jamy Yang puts together his first large-scale solo exhibition over twenty-year design career with the same-title book coming out, presenting his design collections and projects presenting his insights in multi-aspects of design field for years.