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K11 Art Carnival 2014 – Metamorphosis, Love

5 Jul – 31 Aug, 2014
Shanghai K11
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K11 is a place where we turn business into art. We integrate the power of art, culture and design here, and we hold various art exhibitions and activities full of imaginations regularly, turning K11 into a paradise of art, a stage for diverse energetic, and passionate elements. Apart of feeding their basic shopping desires, customers can see the birth of every new muse, every new incredible idea by their own eyes, in which way, the normal shopping experience becomes an adventure which full of vivid fantasies and the beauty of art, where the customer can set their thoughts and dreams free.

This Carnival is an annually big event. For the celebration, we invited a pink flying pig with wings to K11, guiding everyone here to take and “adventure of love”, which includes “Metamorphosis of the Virtual 5+5”, the China-France digital art exhibition that is being held at chi K11 art museum. Whatever you see, is an interactive platform brought by all the artists in different ways.
We hope everyone can feel how art inspires unlimited imaginations within limited physical space, and how art impresses us with its symbol of health, abundance, happiness and peace in this “Metamorphosis”.