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Monet Masterpieces to be Exhibited in China

8 MAR - 15 JUN 2014
chi K11 art space, B3, Shanghai K11 Art Mall
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The first ever exhibition of Monet in Mainland China, Master of Impressionism – Claude Monet, will take place at Shanghai K11 Art Mall. The exhibition will reintroduce Monet’s illusionistic style of what the artist sees rather than perceives and which gave birth to the Impressionist movement in the late 19th century. The exhibition is co-organized by Tix Media.

Adrian Cheng, Chairman of the K11 Art Foundation (KAF) said, “We are thrilled and honoured to be able to bring the first Monet show to Mainland China for the very first time. In tandem with the K11 Art Foundation’s mission to advance the development of the Chinese contemporary art movement, we hope that this exhibition will not only provide young Chinese artists, students of art and our community with the unique opportunity to rediscover and reinterpret Impressionism. It will also inspire them to gain a new understanding of the role of art in the context of societal development, like how Monet influenced generations of artists after him.”

The exhibition from 8 March to 15 June 2014 also comes in the wake of the 50th anniversary of Franco-Sino diplomatic relations. The exhibition at Shanghai K11 will showcase 40 original Monet paintings, including the iconic Water Lily and Wisteria, and 12 original paintings of other impressionist masters from the Paris Marmottan Monet Museum – all of extraordinary value. The exhibition aims to open a new dialogue for Chinese artists, students of art and the wider audience on how Monet and Impressionism bring new interpretations and value to contemporary Chinese art development and thinking. It will also create a vibrant interactive platform for cultural exchange at the chi K11 art space in the Shanghai K11 Art Mall.

Building upon KAF’s history of over 38 exhibitions organized in China, Master of Impressionism – Claude Monet, jointly organised with Tix Media, will enrich Shanghai’s art scene, further educating and fostering a strong public desire for the arts.

To enable the public to learn more about the artwork on display, KAF and Tix Media will also hold a series of educational initiatives, including academic symposiums, film screenings on Impressionism in modern China, workshops geared towards art teachers and students, and children’s programs, during the exhibition.