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Hong Kong


4 May
K11 Piazza
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Formed in 2004, KillerSoap is an independent rock band based in Hong Kong and grew up with a mix of British colonial culture and traditional Chinese culture.

KillerSoap is known for their unique blend of east and west with fast, upbeat, catchy tunes as well as moody, compassionate and heart-warming ballads.

Ever since 2004, they have performed in more than a hundred gigs, including appearances in local television and radio. In winter 2008, they won the champion of China Global Battle of the Bands and competed in the World Final in London with 26 other talents from all around the world.

KillerSoap released their first album “Bittersweet” in October 2011. New album “Unconsciously” was released earlier this year along with their debut China Tour.