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Hong Kong

musiK11 Live Music Project 2014 – A-dAY

22 FEB 2014
K11 Art Mall Piazza (G/F)
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Joy Ride

The February lineup features A-dAY and Blaster, two very energetic bands with a strong belief in bringing joy and positivity to others through their music.


Founded in 2001 by lead singer Angus and guitarist Day. A-dAY’s first album A Day was released in 2007. In October 2007, they won the top prize at the 19th CASH Song Writers Quest with the song Portrait. Upon signing on with Honger Music Venture, A-Day officially entered the music industry and released their second album “Love this day” in 2009. A-dAY returned as an independent band after their contract with Honger and creates their own music. A-dAY has founded Wholala with a group of musicians in 2002 to promote street arts and music.