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Hong Kong


13 NOV 2013- 5 JAN 2014
K11 Hong Kong
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This Christmas, K11 invites you to steer away from traditional norms, and perceive Christmas with a different mindset: take a moment to contemplate beyond your immediate surroundings and let’s look at the big picture and learn more about our planet through art.

This year, we are thrilled to have Fake Studio, K11 Art Foundation’s featured artist, celebrating Christmas with us. Unconventional and utterly original, the design collective navigates freely between the grey area separating art and design and strives to create work with wider social and urban perspectives. In other words, Fake Studio shares K11’s belief in a broader approach to the communication of art. Polar Power, our key art piece this year, marks K11’s second collaboration with Beijing’s emerging design force. In addition we are also delighted to host Fake Studio’s first ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong at the B207 art space to showcase their representative works.

Pengguin, a local independent design group, is the other creative duo that is contributing to our green-conscious theme at K11 this Christmas. Constantly experimenting with new exhibition themes and formats, Pengguin hopes to provoke thoughts and incite actions with their Green Wish! series.

This December, let’s be part of a celebration that’s creative, thoughtful and caring. We hope this collection of artworks will inspire you to not only bring love and joy to those around you.