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19 OCT - 3 NOV 2013
chi K11 art space
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Switzerland is pleased to present for the first time ever the Young Swiss Design Kaleidoscope at Shanghai chi K11 art space on October 19th, 2013. The exhibition is co-curated by Michel Hueter, curator of Design Preis Schweiz and Pierre Keller, honorary director of ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne). A curated selection of contemporary takes of Swiss design, young yet mature design solutions that made or will make their ways on the market. Diploma works are as well included as new labels like Solsolito, products by highly reputed brands like – Vitra owned – Belux, “petit h®” by Hermès, or Hong Kong based Objects you Obsess. You will find world novelties like a new biological basic-material, intelligent toys –dignified by the MoMA -, a Wallpaper Award winner. The presentation is aimed to foster the international and professional exchange with the visitors of the Shanghai chi K11 art space and thus make a contribution to the design discourse. At the focus stand the authors behind the projects and products, every position presented tells its own story of history, references, know-how and excellence.

27 positions in total will be on display. The disciplines are Communication Design – graphic, typography and digital, Furniture Design, Industrial Design and Product Design. The levels of maturity range from pre-commercial development to 
successfully launched products. Materials, daily common product as well as high-end luxury products present a broad scope of current positions and know-how excellence in Swiss design. You will find world novelties like a new biological basic-material, intelligent toys –dignified by the MoMA -, a Wallpaper Award winner. A series of talks, presentations and casual opportunities to meet with the creative talents provide the opportunity to exchange, enlarge the network and mutually broaden know-how.

Design is a mirror of the circumstances and history of a country and its society, the know-how and competences of its diversified economic structure and excellence. In Switzerland, tradition has considerable status even among contemporary designers and architects. The Swiss pioneers of design such as Le Corbusier, Hans Hilfiker and Hans Coray created guidelines for services as well as standards for design that are still approved today. Many of their pieces are still available on the market and we delight in their history of longevity.

Longevity in all its definitions has always been the only option for Swiss produce and such contributed sustainability to the solid economic wealth of the alpine country.
This exhibition will reflect some of the best of Swiss contemporary designers approaches and solutions reflecting on Swiss tradition.