Unique designer products curated by K11 Design Store

K11 Design Store features budding and exceptional designers with their design products seasonally. With sharing of design concepts, stories behind the brands, as well as the designers & life experience, K11 Design Store introduces designers & personal life to shoppers, building a rapport between shoppers and designers through the products. A stroll through K11 Design Store is like visiting a design museum. Shoppers not only appreciate the design, but also understand the meaning behind, having a fruitful journey in the art kingdom.



A hand-picked selection of niche lifestyle boutiques

Featuring hand-picked select shops with distinctive characters that offers cutting edge fashion and lifestyle products as well as art workshops, K11 Select has become a benchmark in tasteful shopping inviting the community to embark on a journey of imagination where art, fashion, trends and lifestyle collide in this special corner in K11 Art Mall.